I need money for Lumberyard

Hi All. I’m using 1.25. Just now I created a new project with empty template. You know I have to build it. It took 140 minutes (13:53 - 16:13).
According to Task Manager, the bottle neck is CPU. This is my PC, you can see that CPU is too slow.
Another possible bottleneck is the bus between CPU and RAM. There were 3 or more C++ compilers run at the same time. I guess that Lumberyard Project Configurator created an instance of compiler frequently. Hence, if the bus is not good, lots of time will be spent on instance-building.

So, I need money for new computer.

Hi, not even to slow, according to Lumberyard system requirements, you have not enough memory. For Building Lumberyard with editor and tools you should have 14GB of memory. Lumberyard uses as many hardware threads as possible to build. In the documentation it is mentioned that you could use the cmdline option --max-cores=# should use only this number of hardware threads, but on my system this option is ignored.

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Hi @masm32, even after building I still have 37.1G available. So I don’t think disk space is the bottleneck.

Memory refers to RAM (random access memory)

Generally people say storage when they mean disk space

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Hi @starfawkes,
I see. Thank you.