I want to add other SDKs to 3rdParty folder

I want to add other SDK to “lumberyard_version\3rdParty” folder (Not Gems folder)

I try to create file “testsdk.json” in “lumberyard_version\dev_WAF_\3rdParty”
“name”: “testsdk”,
“source”: “@3P:testsdk@”,
“description”: “Test SDK”,
“includes”: [
“defines”: [],
“lib_required”: “False”

And I run the configure command
lmbr_waf configure

But no have “lumberyard_version\3rdParty\testsdk” in Include Directories in Solutions project.

Please help me, Thank you~

See https://docs.aws.amazon.com/lumberyard/latest/userguide/lumberyard-launcher-customizing.html#ll-customizing-adding-new-sdks

You need to add an entry to …/dev/SetupAssistantConfig.json


Thank you very much, It work.