Idea to help lumberyard

So after building a project with Lmbr_waf the desktop icon no longer links to the correct build for Lumberyard. My idea to solve this is to add the option to launch the project directly from the project configurator. doing away with the desktop icon. so if I build a project and it needs new gems the correct version of the engine will be linked directly from the project configurator and if I switch to another project that other project will have the correct link to the build that it needs. I think this will help new and old people that were lumber yard. Despite knowing about this gotcha I forgot about it and rebuilt my projects 4 plus times needlessly.


+1 for addressing this issue. Although most programmers and experienced LY users opt for the command line, this issue causes confusion for newcomers. Especially in the case of initial project generated shortcuts referencing the wrong VS version. The desktop shortcuts have been a known issue for years. Surely this could be resolved relatively easily.

I agree this is a really good idea. The more gotchas we can eliminate the better and it feels like this would be such an easy one to run into. I’m not sure who’ll be able to take a look at this in the immediate future but I’ll log it and reach out to the owning team so it’s on their radar :+1:


Great stuff, @phil_blackwood! It’s always good to see community members making contributions to improve Lumberyard.

A quick reminder to all that we welcome feedback/bug reporting and code submissions on our official GitHub site at so feel free to send in your pull requests there.

Additional info/guidelines on code submission via GitHub:

Keep up the good work!