I'm new, I need help, and my game will change the world :)

Hi Everyone, I am totally new here, first post, total n00b.

I have always wanted to master a programming language, and to that end, I chose Python (because I actually enjoy coding in it). I dabbled with projecteuler.net problems, and did around 50 of them, then realized I was coding with no real purpose. So being a long time gamer, I decided to develop my dream game. I’m sure you know exactly where I’m going with this, right? Rude awakening, coding a game is long and hard work, and I am definitely not a master of all the aspects of my game that will be needed.

But my efforts have not been fruitless. In Python, I wrote a maze engine that creates mazes of any size, with rooms and doors, and even different maze shapes like ‘L’s’ and circles. Each maze element (I call them mazels) is discreet, meaning that it can hold an infinite quantity of variables (water level, temp, texture, size, you name it). Even the walls are discreet, which means they are totally deformable. The mazes, once created, are being stored in a MySQL database. I can store a 1 million mazel maze in 25MB, which I think is pretty cool.

I can visualize my mazes in ASCII, but I would really like to see them (and navigate them) in a real game engine. I tried Godot first, thinking it would tie better with Python, but that is one HARD engine to learn. Obviously I looked at the biggies out there, but none really fit where I wanted the game to go. So here I am.

Was wondering if someone could aid me in allowing me to see my mazes in a true 3D world. How would I need to save the files? Currently, the mazes are stored as Python lists within lists. It’s a heck of a lot of brackets, but like I said, it allows me to store as many variables within each mazel (even whole other mazes can be stored in them) as I need.

Looking for help, advice and kind people.

Very much appreciate your time.

And if you made it this far, again, thank you. Go to projectmazel.wordpress.com if you’d like to see some of the game concepts.