Import animation


I have an animation of objects without bones, just rotating objects with link between them (3ds max, Maya or Blender). Such animations are with a lot of objects. For example, robotic mechanisms.

simple animation example (video)

Is it possible to somehow import all these objects together with the animation at once?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @DAleks,

At this time if you want to import your animations from DCC packages, the asset needs to have a skeleton that is animated in order for Lumberyard to read the animation keyframes properly. We realize that this is not ideal for all scenarios, but for now, you will have to treat your animated assets like characters.

We do have a feature request for supporting translation based animations from assets that are not skeleton based, but thank you for bringing this up to make us aware of the importance of this feature.

Thanks for the answer. I hope this opportunity will be realized in the future.

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