Import Heightmap...


I have only just started experimenting with Lumberyard and I have an issue. Not sure if this is just a bug with the new V1.10 but I am receiving this error when I attempt to import a PNG as a heightmap in the Terrain Error. I have tried several different images of different formats and still get the same error. The image that I am trying to use was taken off - after following a tutorial in importing Real World heightmaps into Lumberyard.

If anyone can help or tell me why I’m getting this error that would be awesome.

Works fine with 16bit PNG and 32bit TIFF on my end. Make sure you use the right resolution that matches your terrain resolution.

Could you post the file or the link to the tutorial?

In the mean time try this one to see if it’s the file or your system (it’s a simple cloud noise so it doesn’t look pretty but on my machine it imports just fine):


Ok so it seems that things have changed since the tutorial. That PNG is a true grey scale image, it has only a single channel (notice the bitdepth of it in windows is shown as 16bit). LY now only seems to accept true RGB images so you will have to convert it into a RGB grey scale image (so the bitdepth becomes 3x16=48). To do so simply save it as BMP or TIF, for me that automatically converts it.

You could also save it as RAW or R16 which is probably better since those are the preferred formats for height maps anyway

This was the video I used - for an older version but I figured it would still be usable

This is one of the heightmaps I test and fails. Current resolution is 1081x1081 but I have also tried resizing it to 1024x1024 but still ends with the fail as well.

Hi @Inthernal9 & @Ihatenames,

Just tested this in process in 1.10 and I have a fix for you! So, in the most recent updates we have had some changes to how the Asset Processor handles Heightmaps. The preferred format for images (heightmaps, textures, etc.) is .TIF for most tools in the Editor. I took the export image from your link into Photoshop, Adjusted the size to 1024, and then saved the image as a .Tiff into my project folder. In the Terrain Editor I imported the image and was able to get It to load no problem. If you have any other issues, please let me know.


I’d like to add that you should always work with a power of 2 for the heightmaps.

  • 512x512
  • 1024x1024
  • 2048x2048
  • 4096x4096