Important things to implement ASAP

Hello LY team! :slight_smile:

This thread probably won’t be anything new to you but I figured I could ask again for some long requested features that could convince more people to use this engine. Stuff that you should really include as fast as possible, because a lot of this stuff tends to scare people away from the engine.

First of all, LY needs a proper launcher. And by that I mean a launcher with a project manager where you can easily create multiple projects in specified directories. You should REALLY focus on that for the next update, because it’s probably the thing that keeps many beginners away from the engine. And I’m sure you are aware that adding gems to the project is almost a nightmare. Why not add them via the launcher, like you’d add an asset pack? People have been asking for a proper launcher/project manager for sooooo long. :frowning:

LY also need a proper way to import fbx assets with materials. Last time I tried importing an asset in LY I gave up on the engine because nothing worked. Sure I was able to import the model inside the engine, but the textures just wouldn’t show up, even after placing them inside the project directory, and trying different texture formats (including CryTif). In Unreal or Unity, you just drag them inside the asset folder and it works right off the bat.

On the positive side, I really like EmotionFX, it’s so easy to use. Script Canvas is also very very good, easy to learn, and most knowledge of UE4’s Blueprints translate well over Script Canvas. The engine itself is quite easy to use, and it’s artist friendly just like UE4. And let’s not even get started with free speed tree, that’s one of the most amazing gifts an engine made to it’s users. :slight_smile:

So I just hope the LY team will focus on a good project launcher/manager as soon as possible, as well as an easier solution for bringing gems, assets and textures inside the engine. These are some of the most requested features, the engine would benefit greatly from this.

Best regards

Totally agree with the project manager issue. Currently, there is some tasks in LY that really time consuming: take a day to create new project (after a day to install LY, it likes double the pain), take so long to add gems, update the engine by uninstalling the old and installing the new one, can’t debug game alone with Visual Studio - so it really slow for C++ developer.

Also don’t forget the big issue: the size of the project is too big. I don’t know why but the BinTemp folder is roughly 50GB now O_O