Importing "Dream big. Build bigger" assets - Hope character

Hi LY friends!

I am facing problems importing the “Dream big. Build bigger” assets…

For the “Hope” character, the character is imported without the material / textures.

When i try to mannually setup the textures in the material, the texture options are not available (and pointing to some internal LY directory on Perforce).

Can someone please guide me through this process? I am looking forward to play with that characters in LY.


Yes, a sample scene in LY would be excelent.

I am facing hard times with the eyes / hair materials! And with SSS as well.

Please, LY team! :slight_smile:

The material editor Windows sometimes doesnt show the “…” Button on the Textures maps. There is no rollup bar in those option.

After a Little trouble i have managed to manually set the Textures in the material.

I can set the textures in the material, but it is not as good as it should.

Maybe i am missing some shader configuration…

Please, can someone share more info about how to configure those characters into a Lumberyard scene?

LY Team, a sample scene with all the “Dream Big. Build Bigger” configured in LY would be very awesome!


Move all the assets (mesh, textures, material) to the project LY folder… the Asset Manager will process… you still have to set the textures by hand in the material, but the shaders will be set already.

GREAT CHARACTER :slight_smile:

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Got it.

I noticed some screen shots show Hope with facial animations/ blends, are they included with the model? Any genral information on setting up blends for faces would be helpful.