Importing mesh shows orange hue (sky?)

I imported a 1.7mil tri mesh, finally worked,but this weird ‘orange’ color appears , even if camera is at eye level on landscape.

If I zoom way out, the orange color, whatever it is ( skybox not working ?) takes up entire viewport.

What might this be, a oddity in importing mesh ?


My apologies, its been so crazy around here and maybe I typed this too far past MIDnight ( ugh), as this was meant for cryengine , BUT if you have any idea, please suggest.

Being I did put this out there, lets not make it for nothing, so here is attached pic in case you can tell whats it is or what I may have wrong ( yes I’m trying out both engines: started in cryengine with a terrain I have there so I must use both actually):

Horizon issues:

Please ignore :frowning:

peace out

Hey @cajunctionAI, can you post a screenshot?

No worries. Good luck and if I hear anything I’ll let you know.