Importing Vegetation

EDIT: I was initially trying to import touch blending vegetation, but now I can’t seem to get any foliage I import to stay on screen. I am able to add a few instances of it in the Vegetation panel, but then all of it disappears when adding more. I was only able to solves this by ticking the “Automerged” option, but then that disabled my detail bending I made for it. Any help?


Figured it out: Vegetation imported via the FBX importer doesn’t work properly when placed on terrain with the Vegetation system. Exporitng it from Maya/3DS max works flawlessly.

I also just got touch bending working by creating branches using the BCRY add-on for Blender, then exporting that to Maya for final export with LODs.

What difference would that make? Why did exporting from maya/3ds max worked or you but not FBX?

I know why. The vegetation mesh needs an armature and touch bending for the wind to work with automerge.

However, I did notice that you can’t have the weight paint on for the armature. Then automerge vegetation won’t appear for some reason. but as long as it has touch bending, the armature, and no weight painting, wind bending seems to work with automerge on.