Importing .xac and .xsm files in EMotionFX

Hey all,

I’ve been searching around for some time to find a way to open or edit .xac and .xsm files for some time now. My searches led me to EMotionFX, which I see is now a part of Amazon Lumberyard in a sort of preview state. I noticed it seems to use .fbx files for objects and another one for animations. Is it possible to import .xac and .xsm files into this version for use or would I have better luck finding another program/older version of EMotionFX?

Hi :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the .xac and .xsm files are the old file formats of EMotion FX.
The version that is used in Lumberyard can only load .actor and .motion files. The structure of the files have changed, so unfortunately LY EMotion FX cannot load the xac or xsm files.