In a dynamic slice, the canvas script does not fully work

I am trying to make a shot a sphere with a dynamic slice. A script with an impulse is installed on the sphere and the impulse is working, the sphere is flying. but after creating a dynamic slice in and placing it in a spawner object, the script stops working and the sphere simply creates and crashes because it is a RigidBody PhysX. Why does the script stop working? Is this a bug? I watched a lesson with a tank and I repeated the same thing. But it never worked. The sphere falls simply, although if you do not put it in a dynamic slice, everything works
but then I can’t shoot many times. I would like to use a spawner

Did you actually solve this?

I just implemented a shooting mechanic similar to yours and I have the same problem.
The impulse works on the original slice placed in the Level.
But definitely not on the dynamic slice when spawned.

(Same thing, the dynamic slice just drops to the floor when spawned…the original slice does not.)

I don’t know if this will help but I’ve noticed stuff stops working until I go into a different level and back into the original level. Then I run the game again it works.

hi… I also had your problem
I realized that if you start in script with the command (On entity activated).spawn will not work in the component…
i started with command(on graph) start and it throws the ball without any problem

Unfortunately, the on entity activated command does not work in spawning!

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Hi @didzey :slightly_smiling_face:

I published a video tutorial about how to throw grenades Via dynamic slice + PhysX in Script Canvas , Please check out it & Let me know your problem solved :point_down:

Cheers :rose: :pray:

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