In Tutorial--No FTUE_Heightmap_test.tif file on my computer...


I’m going through the tutorial right now. I am on this video

On where the link starts, he says to select the FTUE_Heightmap_test.tif file

The problem is, my computer isn’t showing one!

The path in your screenshot shows \dev\Cache\StarterGame\pc\startergame\textures\heightmaps while the one in the tutorial video shows \dev\StarterGame\Textures\Heightmaps

Try the path from the tutorial video.


The releases notes for 1.18 have a note about this file:

Heightmap File

                    Lumberyard 1.12 is missing a heightmap file that you may need to complete the getting

started tutorials and videos. You can download the FTUE_heightmap_Test.tif file here and save to your

/ directory.