Information assets store

Hello my name is Jose in the lumberyard engine there is a shop to buy 3d models and animal and weapons characters

Not yet, Jose.

Are from Brazil?

Hello I am from Spain I want a teacher from this
Video game engine to work that’s it

Hi @NewUser-d84f70ec-a78,

There are tutorial videos on the Lumberyard Channel on Youtube:

They cover a lot of interesting topics and help you get started with the engine

you are allow you use content from other sources, even going as far as grabbing from the unity asset store and other places (turbosquid, sketchfab etc) even unreal engine as they give free assets away every month. just make sure that if you are using unreal engine assets. that you arent incorporating assets that made by the Unreal Engine team themselves.

Mixamo, reallusion (paid), daz3D for the most part can be used with the engine. Hope that helps