Initial Viewport View Burned Into Viewport

Youtube video:

Basically, the initial image on viewport load is permanently burned into the screen and flickers annoyingly. I quit using Lumberyard in Aug 2019, I have a post about this problem at that point in time as well, so having the same problem nearly a year later sucks. I’m planning on uninstalling again unless there is a fix. I appreciate any help!

Hi @Jacob_Barnes,

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention and the link to the video is super helpful to see the problem first hand. This does looks like a very perculiar rendering issue. I wonder would you be able to let us know what hardware you’re using?

I know this is a bit of a blind catch-all but have you tried updating your graphics drivers? (that’s usually my first goto for weird graphical problems). I’ll pass this issue along to the graphics team to see if they have any other ideas about what might be causing it.

If you could include any more information about the version of Lumberyard you’re using, the version of Windows and your graphics card/drivers it might help us isolate the problem too.

Thanks for your time and giving Lumberyard another try!


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