Input Binding combinations - feature suggestion


I mentioned this in the discord server, but it would be very useful to have the ability to create input binding events from input combinations. Something that would enable the creation of a unique event for combinations such as “Shift + F1” and also satisfies the following scenario:

Given an Input Event for “F1”
and an Input Event for “Shift + F1”
When the player presses “Shift + F1”
Then the “Shift + F1” event should emit
and the “F1” event should not emit

Also the UI workflow is pretty slow, lots of clicking etc. I almost think just doing all the input bindings in script canvas or a similar UI would be better.

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This would be nice, due to right now I have to do a lot more coding for say a “Shift + W” for a run. With this I could have the combination be Shift and W would make it run faster. :+1: Love to see this become a thing.