Install.bat file not executing when server build uploaded by S3

Hello due to low bandwidth issues i uploaded server build via s3 to fleet.But install.bat file did not executed and resulted in an error.I had to manually ssh into the instance and need to double press install.bat in order to install pre-requisites.Let me know is this a bug or is it something happening to me.Also the command upload-build timesout when i have low internet.How to make sure that it does not get timed out.Thank you

Hi @Sanjay_varma1,

Have you checked your GameLift Fleet console to see if there are any fleet events being displayed which might help understand why install.bat wasn’t triggered? Here’s some more documentation regarding packaging your Windows build - Upload a custom server build to GameLift - Amazon GameLift. Typically issues finding and running install.bat could indicate problems with packaging.

If you’re having bandwidth related issues using the upload-build API, the alternate is to use create-build with a S3 location where your build is hosted. I believe this might be what you are currently doing and is the right approach.

Hi.I tried uploading from command line and it is working.It seems there is something wrong with amazon s3 upload

Hi Sanjay, typically this indicates issues with how your server build is packaged. Have you tried unpacking the zip to check if all files are located at the root? Alternatively, when you unpack the zip is a folder created? If it is the latter GameLift will not be able to locate the install.bat as it is expected to reside in the root directory.

Here’s some more details around packaging your server build: Upload a custom server build to GameLift - Amazon GameLift