Install lumberyard without internet

I need to install lumberyard on a computer that does not nor will it ever have access to the internet, is this possible?

Hey @FJKMAN, there are a few ways to go about this:

  1. Build an image and deploy it to the machine not connected to the internet. On another internet connected machine, create a fresh install of the OS, any drivers and runtimes it needs, and then install Lumberyard on it. Then use an imaging system such as Clonezilla to create an image of that machine, and can then deploy it to the machine not connected to the internet. This will give it a fully set-up Lumberyard install (unless you can’t skip the log-in screen when opening the editor).
  2. We can give you the zip files for the platform you’re developing on. We generate multiple zip files for 3rd Party SDKs based on platform that you’d be developing on, as well as the zip file for the package that we can give to you. This should also generate a working Lumberyard install (Setup Assistant might report errors about not being able to download manifests, but those can be ignored since you’d be on a machine without internet access) :slight_smile:
    Let me know which works best for you — Cheers!

I would like the offline sdks for version 1.14…it is very important i get them i cant build the lib files