enviroment needs to be documented.

There’s a severe lack of documentation about the environment in which runs. It would be nice if would be updated with information.

Things I’ve had to figure out on my own:

  • is run explicitly as sh, ie: any #!/bin/bash is ignored, so don’t expect bash features unless you explicitly create an additional bash script and just call it from

  • Files extracted from your build are not writeable by the invoking user, so your script will probably need a lot of calls through sudo in it. This is also true of the executable you specify in the fleet config to run for each game server instance. eg: UE4’s wrapper script tries to chmod +x the actual executable, which will fail unless you modify the script to sudo chmod +x.

  • Files installed are owned by gl-user-server with gl-user as the group.
    Open questions of mine that remain:

  • What’s the actual user that runs the script and the game server executable specified by the fleet? This would be helpful in making permissions decisions such as: can I just g+w a directory that logs go into, or do I have to go full on a+w?


Thanks for thee feedback @Philippe23 – I’ve added this to our list for further action and let me get some assistance on your questions :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have some updates about this issue.
Thank you!

The documentation about the install script has been updated:

Please let us know if anything is still unclear

Thank you


I solved my problem.
Thanks Dajun!