Installing cuda problem

I installed Nvidia Cuda and it still looks like I don’t got it. I restarted pc and refreshed setup assistant to try to get it to detect it but no luck any ideas how what I can do? I went with the default install location for Cuda.

Hi @phil_blackwood,

I have created ticket #LY-118983 to investigate the issue. Could you please confirm two things:

  • CUDA version you are using.
  • Is default location folder - C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA ?


Hi @phil_blackwood, I can assure you if you have installed it, it should be getting picked up if you start a build from the command line you should see it detect it before the build starts. I also saw that the Setup Assistant is a little broken on that part right now. I hope this helps :+1:

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@phil_blackwood, I was able to reproduce the issue with CUDA 11 - it seems that there is no version.txt file in CUDA installation root anymore while SetupAssistant expects it in order to do version check.

We will look into fixing the version check, but, in meanwhile, it should be fine, just make sure you have following line as part of “lmbr_waf configure” log:

[INFO] Detected NVIDIA CUDA SDK at: C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v11.0

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I have the same issue using the same version of CUDA Toolkit (v.11).

Where is the “lmbr_waf configure” log? (I found a file named lmbr_waf.bat)

Is there anywhere within the log that the [INFO] line needs to be put?

The way I figure it out is do a quick build from the command prompt, and it will show you it was detected just by doing the “lmbr_waf configure” command on your project. You can see if it is installed within 5 minutes if you do not need a rebuild and just do the command up above.