Instance ID not found

I keep getting this error in my PowerShell
An error occurred (NotFoundException) when calling the GetInstanceAccess operation: Host (my Instance ID) not found.
Any ideas?

  1. Could you double check if you copy-pasted the instance id correctly? Instance id is in the form of “i-{alphanumerics}”, e.g. “i-0fb51dca15cbe30dd”, you can get them by running describe-instances CLI.
  2. Could you double check if the instance id is indeed in the fleet id that you provided? (You can verify via making the describe-instances call using the instance id and the fleet id)
  3. Could you double check if the IAM credentials that you are using owns the instance/fleet? (Again, you can verify using the describe-instances call, see above)

Here is a bash script that you can reference to SSH to fleets, this will give you an example of how to make the get-instance-access calls: SSH to gamelift -

NOTE: to SSH to fleets, you have to make sure that TCP port 22 is open, see example update-fleet-port-settings call in the script. If you fleet is not going ACTIVE, you’ll need to open this port via “ec2-inbound-permissions” settings in the create-fleet call.

Yes can confirm all of these are true. What makes me confused is that the status randomly switches between pending and active. It was pending when I posted this thread (and the whole day before) but a couple of hours later it switched to active!
I deleted my fleet for now due to billing is going roof high while I’m not even using it!

By status I assume you meant Instance status, is that right? Could you provide me your fleet id? I can ask the GameLift team to look into this.

Let us know if you are able to get GetInstanceAccess to work on other instances.