Instance limit reached but shouldn't


I’m having an issue with the fleet instance limit. I can’t have more than 1 instance of any type.
For example, I can have 1 c5.large, and 1 c5a.large, but not 2 or more c5.large…

But when I’m looking at the describe-ec2-instance-limits, I see that I have a limit of 20:

  "EC2InstanceType": "c5.large",
  "CurrentInstances": 0,
  "InstanceLimit": 20

How can I resolve this problem?

Thank you

Apologies for any frustration this has caused.

Typically, If you have a new(ish) AWS account you may have additional restrictions on your account. You need to work with AWS support to fix these. You should be able to open a case via

Once you’ve resolved these general AWS account problems with AWS support then you should see the default GameLift limits applied to your account.

Apologies that the messaging from GameLift tools was not helpful in this situation. There is a request somewhere in the backlog to fix this so you always get an accurate listing of your limits.