Instance type / Network performance question

When I create a new fleet I have to choose the instance type, but the “Network performance” is not so much clear…

First of all it is expressed in dimension and not in dimension by time: “10 Gigabit” ok it is about 1GB, but is it 1GB / second, 1GB / minute, 1GB / hour, 1GB / day ? It makes difference.

Another obscure point is the “Up to” prefix for smallest instance types: what does “Up to 10 Gigabit” means? Usually “up to” means something I can configure, but I can’t find a place to configure.

To choose the HW, I need to know the guaranteed minimum network performance (not the optional maximum) and this data seems to be not available for the smallest instance types.

How can I know the guaranteed minimum network performance for c5.large, c5.xlarge, c5.2xlarge and c5.4xlarge instance types?

Thank you

Hi @daniele.icc ,

GameLift uses EC2 instances, so the network bandwidth limitations are the same as ec2:

The dimension of bandwidth provided is Gbps (Gigabit / second).

To answer your second question, ec2 instances do not have any documented “guaranteed minimum” network performance statistics. The best way to see if the instance type meets your network throughput needs is to spin up an ec2 instance and perform benchmark test: Benchmark Network Throughput between Amazon EC2 Linux Instances in the Same Amazon VPC