INTERNAL_SERVICE_EXCEPTION from GameLift when calling GameLiftServerAPI.AcceptPlayerSession


I’m getting the following error when calling GameLiftServerAPI.AcceptPlayerSession():
[GameLiftError: ErrorType=INTERNAL_SERVICE_EXCEPTION, ErrorName=Internal service exception., ErrorMessage=GameLift failed to process the request].

It happens every time I try, even after validating that the session ID I’m using is listed as “Reserved” in the Console.
Is this a problem with GameLift? If not, any hints on how I can debug this or get a more useful error message?
Any help is appreciated!

That is really odd. I would validate you are passing valid player session ids here but you should be getting a more appropriate error than INTERNAL_SERVICE_EXCEPTION

Can you provide:

  • SDK version and language (C#, C++ etc) or if this is in the Unreal Plugin
  • Fleet id + region
  • GameSession Ids if you have them

I can then get the GameLift service team to take a look. If this is a pressing issue for you, you may want to go through AWS support for a faster response.

Thank you for your response Pip! It was indeed an invalid player session id.

In case you want to investigate to provide a better error message, here’s the information you requested:
We’re currently using the GameLiftServerSDKNet45 with Unity and C#.
Tested with a couple of fleets, but currently seeing the issue with fleet-19502039-f784-40d4-9abb-2ccec04227c7 in EU-Central-1.
Game session: arn:aws:gamelift:eu-central-1::gamesession/fleet-19502039-f784-40d4-9abb-2ccec04227c7/9abc34da-12fc-48ff-b673-b2beb3f15a2d