Is Gamelift appropriate for turn based multiplayer async games?

Hi everyone, I want to make a fairly simple ‘words with friends’ style mobile game. The game is played in turns with each player being notified when the other has taken their turn. I’m looking into backed services that could help and I’m trying to figure out if Gamelift is right for this kind of game. I’ll be working in Unity if that’s relevant.

Any advice would be great :slight_smile:


Hey @mozes -

GameLift is best suited for games that require a persistent connection between game client and server, often where latency to the game client needs to be kept to a minimum. In the case of a turn-based asynchronous game, where a persistent connection is not required and latency requirements are more flexible, a simple web-server based solution might be a better approach.

One solution here might look like using API Gateway [1] in front of a series of Lambdas [2] that pull state and update state to/from DynamoDB [3].

You could certainly make GameLift work for your game, it just might end up to be more than you need.