is gamelift like photon engine?

how does it compare?

Hi @cari,

GameLift is an AWS service for hosting dedicated servers for multiplayer games. With dedicated servers, the central game server hosted in the cloud is authoritative for game simulation logic, and players connect to that central game server. This provides more stable connections and gameplay, and protects against cheating. You can use GameLift with the dedicated server of any existing engine, including Unity, Unreal, Lumberyard, or your own engine. GameLift is not a networking library, you would use the network libraries from your game engine of choice.

An alternative to dedicated game servers is peer-to-peer setups and client authoritative games, where other solutions like Photon could help you.

We did a talk with the For Honor team at GDC this year where they discuss moving from peer-to-peer to dedicated servers using GameLift, and the benefits it had for their player experience which might be helpful for you. The relevant parts start about 5:00 minutes in: