Is it possible only use Lua scripting for simple games?

I am thinking to restart my studies with Lumberyard but i need to buy a SSD for more space. So I would like to know if is it possible to use only Lua scripting for “simple games” (side scrolling, shoot em up, point n click) or it will be need c++?

Where are Lua tutorials?

You can use script canvas for simple games and Lua too most likely. However, you’ll need c++ if you want to save and load game data because for some bizarre reason they haven’t included that in script canvas (I don’t know if they have in lua or not).

Hi @Noskyred :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes , you can , you can use only lua scripting or only script canvas or both , Although you can also use the power of C++ and Python in Lumberyard

Lua learning sites :point_down:


Also consult this account @TheDevShop , cause he have very good knowledge of Lumberyard :slightly_smiling_face: Plus this is a great video tutorial channel for you @Noskyred , A Great English Channel
, I suggest you see it :point_down:

I have a video tutorials channel for lumberyard in YouTube, of course for kurdish language not english :wink: I suggest you see it :point_down:

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Be sure to watch the official and excellent channel of amazon lumberyard team and your information will be very much :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :point_down:

Official and excellent channel of amazon GameTech studios :point_down: :white_check_mark: :bulb:

What the community need it is videos like unreal and unity community has, teaching how to do the basics and there is nothing like that out there for lumberyard

I agree with you and BUT please read all this my description :slightly_smiling_face: :point_down:

I’m a person who started from Unity version 3 and had a good experience in version 4, in version 5 I saw that part of API Unity was changed and javascript/boo deleted in version 5 , unity 2017 I found many problems in it and so on

To be honest, a lot of video tutorials have been released for Unity, but due to the change in APIs, it is not possible to use videos tutorials for different versions.

These problems that exist in API Unity do not exist in API Unreal 4, but Unreal 4 is not a naturalistic engine based on natural systems, and you have to build everything from zero.

It’s really scary to build everything from zero like 3D water, water ripple effect ,time of day system, weather system and so on.

I have a lot of experience with game engines and I’m sure Amazon have great roadmap for video tutorials and tutorial documents for Lumberyard.

Amazon is looking to change the DNA of making games in a new way and the best listener on this planet.

Hi @wcb you can save data with script canvas, and I have done so, but you need all your scripts made in script canvas for this to work properly since you will hook them all up together (at least what you want to save) and put that into a very very large string. A lot of work but it is possible and saves very quick.

The problem is, without learning materials only skilled programmers will try the engine to make something, but with learning materials, even the way of doing things will change in 3 months or X months, will be better.

what some things you feel needs to be covered ? I have alot of basics on the channel, if more if needed feel free to lay on me

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