Is it possible to animate UV's in lumberyard?

I want to make a disintegration effect in lumberyard. I want for example to have a cube and I want to animate it’s textures so that over time the cube starts to dissappeard piece by piece by using an alpha map. What is the best way to go about this?

Sounds like you would need to write a custom shader for that. Similar results can be achieved in UE4, but they use a material editor.

As of 1.7, Lumberyard has a Dissolve FX feature you can enable under the Shader Generation Parameters in the material editor. You can search for dissolve in the illum shader documentation for more info on how it works to see if it meets your needs.


It took me some time to work this out myself, but you can get the time value in your custom shader by calling up the line “PerFrame_Time”:


float Time = PerFrame_Time.z; // gets the time value between frames

Hope this helps still (it was some time since you posted the question :P)