Is it possible to bake light shadows?

how can you bake shadow light on the stage from static light sources such as a lamp or a lantern that will not move? Is there such an opportunity? It is necessary for me to avoid staircase shadows. There are a lot of objects on the stage and this is really necessary. But at the same time, it is necessary that the light also give results with moving objects

In this video, the author of the video bakes the light. How to do it in our engine?

or is it impossible at this point in time?
I just think that it would help to optimize the project in which there are many light sources and accordingly the FPS would increase

I don’t believe you can bake the lights in engine in lumberyard. There are optimizations you can do with shadow caching however. And if you really want baked lightmaps you can always do that inside a 3d graphics editor like 3d studio max, maya, or blender. But I totally understand how it would be much easier and integrated if we could do this in engine so I agree we need a feature like this.

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