Is Ray tracing available in Lumberyard?


Im exploring the different engines available for a VR game I’m in the process of designing.

With Ray tracing being released with the new Nvidia cards, Im wondering if this is available with Lumberyard, or if not, will it be soon? I have tried to search online and the forums but have come up short.

If someone could assist I would appreciate this.


I can’t answer your question, but I can tell you to rethink the whole idea of raytracing in a VR game.
High framerates are much more important in VR than in other games and even on RTX cards, the framerate suffers a lot from raytracing. Do you really want to trade some minor visual effects for not having motion sickness?
I’m not really very sensitive for motion sickness but especially sudden spikes in frametimes can be really irritating.

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