Is the Engine still alive

Does this community see AmazonLU going any ware should I spend the time and energy to learn this Engine.

It is up to you, no community member can tell you a complete yes or no to spend time on this engine, because this engine meets peoples requirements in a lot of different ways. This engine has easy multiplayer, and aws service integration. But for you question is it still alive, yes it is and there is a discord server with plenty of people willing to help you if you need help on anything. Is the engine going anywhere, I myself would say yes it is, just not at a massive pace. Every update there is new tools, and additions added to this engine, but if you look at something like UE they are going at a much larger pace, but they are also looking at another audience. So all in all you would have to make the decision on your own, but I can say LY is not going to be dropped any time soon from my knowledge.

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Thank You that is all i needed.

Hi r2ks, yes development is still on going for Lumberyard and there will be lot’s of news/updates to come this year.

Thanks for your interest!


I think the very fact that you need to ask the question demonstrates the problems with the way Amazon has failed to promote Lumberyard as a serious AAA competitor.

Personally, I’ve always been interested in the potential of Lumberyard, but the reality has been less than thrilling. I remain skeptical of the future of the engine, especially when we consider what a mess Amazon’s gaming efforts have been. I don’t think anyone around here really knows whether the big bosses will pull the plug on their next whim.

My position is to keep an eye on Lumberyard, and see what happens, but no way I’d bet on it for a serious project until I see what looks like a much greater show of commitment from Amazon, and some serious attempts to push the engine.

Thanks, @Zaphod_Beeblebrox I love the engine and the fact that it supports LUA… There are not many GOOD game engines that support LUA. I am just trying to find a game engine that supports LUA that is good and sink my teeth in to it but read some of the unfortunates with Amazon LY and the article’s that are being published about the shake up at the headquaters is concerning.

I was Looking at cryengine but it looks like they are moving away from LUA to c#

Thank you, all

cry engine is finished in 2014
cry engine seems to be a private engine right now

when date lumberyard 1.28 ?

LY 1.28 does not have a set date, they get updates out every 3 months or so so I would say give it up to another month to a month and a half.

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Lots of news and updates coming this year for Lumberyard. And @WashedUpStudios is correct. The strong efforts that Lumberyard always puts in innovating and adding new features all the time is one of the reasons why people see the great potential in the Engine. Unreal has a big team and resources yes, but Lumberyard has a very active discord community that is very engaged. Get in while it’s still fresh!

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