Is there a method to auto export a level with just the utilized assets?

I would like to start sharing project files and need to filter out the unused clutter.

That’s fine…luckily I’m still in early stages. I was kind of surprised last night when I went to zip my level and it was sitting at 200GB. I found that most of that was just backups. I wonder if I can limit the number of backups…haven’t checked yet. Anyway, I plan on zipping it up and putting it on my google drive. Would you mind taking a look at when I’m at that point. I just want to make sure I’m doing things in the most efficient way.

oh yeah, I put up a new video on youtube on the building system.

Unfortunately there is no auto way to do it. You have to go threw the manual process of exporting your game. That may take a wile to finish. Here is the link to building build. Link: Here.


There is a tool called Save Level Statistics that will give you detailed information about your level. This will help you to see what assets are included in your level and will give you a good idea of where optimizations can start.

Game / Debugging / Save Level Statistics

After clicking on Save Level Statistics, two .xml files are exported. These .xml files can be opened in Excel and are located here:


Good luck!

awesome, thanks

I don’t see that tool for some reason.

nvm…found it under the file menu

nice wip :D.