Is there a way to delay time in lua?6

Is there a way to delay time in lua? Like in script canvas.

I had hoped there was something I missed but I guess it is the only way. Thank You for your help.

I wish! That would be great!

I had to connect to the tickBus then use an OnTick to see how much time had elapsed.

Here is a sample. I was setting the time to live for a dynamic slice that had been instantiated:

local shot = {
	Properties = {
force = {default = 1000.0, description = "force applied to shot"},
timer = {default = 3.0, description = "timer for projectile"},
function shot:OnActivate()
local shotDir = TransformBus.Event.GetWorldTM(self.entityId)
local forwardV = shotDir:GetColumn(1)
PhysicsComponentRequestBus.Event.SetVelocity(self.entityId, forwardV * self.Properties.force)
self.tickBusHandler = TickBus.Connect(self)
self.timer = self.Properties.timer
function shot:OnTick(deltaTime)
if self.timer > 0.0 then
self.timer = self.timer - deltaTime
-- remove projectile
end end
function shot:OnDeactivate()