Is there a way to export slices?

So is there a way to export slices so they can be used in other projects or posted online like a zip file so others could use it?

Hi @phil_blackwood,

As far as I know once you’ve saved a .slice file it’s pretty easy to transfer to other projects or share with other people. You just have to make sure they have the same Components and what not you have added for that Slice (when building that is), but it should Just work TM :slight_smile:

When we update Components we always try to write a converter that will transparently upgrade the data to the new format, so in theory with a Slice you should be able to take one created in an old version of the Editor and open it in 1.26 and it should still work.

If it doesn’t let us know! :slight_smile:




Well, the slices do transfer to other versions of lumberyard but what I was kind of asking about is packing the FBX and the script canvas scripts along with it. the slice seems to be an XML style file that has the information of where your entities are and the components that are attached to them. as it is I have to make a slice of what I want then go find all the script canvas files and all the FBX files, textures, sound etcetera throw them in a zip file so I can put them up on the Internet so somebody else could download a character rig or whatever. then the person who downloaded the file would have to drop all the files in the right folders manually. this is all doable but if Lumberyard is to ever have an asset store and people make large asset libraries it could be incredibly tedious to import large numbers of files also when somebody needs help with making something on the forms the ability to make something turn into a slice and then upload it would be convenient. I just think it would be highly convenient to be able to have a one button solution. Or am I not thinking about it in the right way?

Aaah I’ve got you now…

Yes you’re totally right, when you have assets in the mix (Script Canvas, FBX files etc…) and want to share them you’d have to make sure all references remain valid (through careful organisation you can make life a bit easier but it’s still quite a tedious and error-prone process).

I’ll throw this over the fence to the Slice team to see if they have any suggestions I’ve missed. I think what you’ve suggested is a really nice idea and would be incredibly useful. The Slice team may have more info…

Hi @phil_blackwood,

I heard back from the Slice team and the one mechanism we have at the moment to package up Slices and their associated data is to make an Asset-Only Gem that can enabled/disabled and distributed if required.

It’s quite a heavy-handed approach but should work.

I hope that comes in some use!



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