Is there a way to right click a selection of mesh and send to a specific layer?

As far as I know, the layer system is not supported anymore. All slices are per default added to the main layer so you can keep track of the objects added to a level in the level list, but you cant change the layers. Not 100% sure about that because I am mostly coding, but you might wanna look into the slice system on how to create hierarchies and simultaneous work on one level with your team.

Can I pay you to teach me how to use Lumberyard for 1 hour ?

Best for you would be, to check the samples provided by Amazon. See how they do things and try to rebuild that in your own game/level.

If you have specific questions, people here are glad to answer them for you for free! :wink:

I am not sure what I can teach you that you could not learn by yourself.