Is there a way to use audio in lumberyard without wwise?

If not, is it in the works?

I was thinking no middleware…just a simple built-in sound editor that one could import sound files to then access using ebus in lua. So if we did need high-end editing, we could just use any audio software we choose.


We currently don’t have another audio implementation in development. Is there another middleware you had in mind, like FMOD? If you don’t mind me asking, what kinds of features are you looking for?

Yeah, just an option to import a sound file without relying on 3rd party software, like importing image files for instance. Then being able to do some basic editing on the file, like the material editor for instance. Having to rely on a specific 3rd party software for such an important aspect of a game seems unnecessary to me at least…just my opinion…What would really be awesome is if you had basic editors for every aspect of game making…so a person could technically build a complete decent game with no 3rd party software…one can dream

Thanks for the feedback on this. Lumberyard is set up to allow for different audio implementations. We only have Wwise and “NoSound” (which serves to demonstrate an example secondary backend) right now. FMOD would be the natural next choice, since it’s industry standard.

I don’t disagree that a “simple” audio system would be beneficial for many users, I’m not quite clear about what you mean by “built-in sound editor” vs. “high-end editing … software”. Are you referring to audio
file editing software like Audacity, Sound Forge, Reaper, ProTools, etc? Tools like that are out of scope for a game engine, they are used to edit/trim/tweak your audio files before import and integration to game audio tools such as Wwise.

If you meant editing run-time playback behavior of sounds, the metadata surrounding raw files, then yes that would be fitting for a game engine. And if we provided something like that in Lumberyard it would be performing the job of audio middleware (akin to Wwise and FMOD).