Is there REST communication (or sending info to a URL) when entering or exiting objects in Lumberyard?


I work for a company called HypnosVR, and we are interested in Lumberyard because of its new updates and visual quality it is able to achieve. We work in UE4 at the moment and are using the program VaREST to send a url when entering and exiting objects. Is this possible to do in lumberyard?

Hi @HypnosVR,

You can use Trigger Area components to handle entering and exiting objects. You can find more info about that here (

For REST specifically we currently do not have a generic API available for this. You can however, certainly build your own as a Gem and easily expose it to LUA via BehaviorContexts. You could also similarly wire it up to EBUSs.

Hope that helps!

Hi @HypnosVR,

It turns out we do have a gem called the HTTPRequestor Gem that allows you to make REST calls. This should handle what you’re looking for. Apologies for the earlier misinformation. Here’s the documentation for it,

There is also the CloudGemAWSScriptBehaviors gem, which contains behavior context reflections (e.g. you can use them in scripts) of various objects that make it possible to make URL requests and has utilities for dealing with JSON and URL decoding.