Is there supposed to be a cloud entity component displayed in editor after creating a new cloud gem?


I’m learning the process of creating cloud gems. I was expecting a cloud entity component to be created automatically like the cloud leaderboard. The system component is working and the resource manager is all connected. I have not touched swagger.json, and I have not edited the cloud canvas portal.

I just wanted to get get a basic template working before changing too much. Is this a bug or is their another step before it becomes an entity-component?


Hi @Tarn1902 , Thanks for reaching out. Did you reflect you system component to EditContext and add the AZ::Edit::Attributes::AppearsInAddComponentMenu attribute? You should be able to see a component in the editor with these settings.

You can check the system component defined by the MessageOfTheDay gem as an example.

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Hey. Thanks for the reply.

I believe I have all that. Here is the code:

if (AZ::EditContext* ec = serialize->GetEditContext())
ec->Class(“CloudGemInventory”, “[Description of functionality provided by this System Component]”)
->ClassElement(AZ::Edit::ClassElements::EditorData, “”)
->Attribute(AZ::Edit::Attributes::AppearsInAddComponentMenu, AZ_CRC(“System”))
->Attribute(AZ::Edit::Attributes::AutoExpand, true)

Eventually fixed it. Not sure exactly what it was, but after a reinstall and copying of how the system component cpp file for MessageOfTheDay is done, it now shows in the editor.

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