Is track view going to be replaced with something better like Unity and Unreal have, or is it a forgotten broken feature?

I was looking at Unreal engine and Unity to see there take for there cinematics, and well they have something that is 1000 times better than track view. It works with no complications, and Track view is an old Cryengine cinematic idea that in my case is not fully featured for Lumberyard. I looked at all of the posts for new releases of Lumberyard, and saw that the last time anything got updated for track view was in 2018 on the update 1.16?!!! Is this a forgotten feature? Because if so, just remove it don’t keep it in for a feature that is broken and works like it did in 2016 in Cryengine. This is my take on the cinematic quality for Lumberyard, and it well plain out sucks and is so far behind all other engines that it should no longer be a feature. It is wasted space for installing it at this point and would stop a lot of headaches when other people try to use it to realize it is broken and old technology.


i have worked with this tool. And overall, I can’t call it bad. To create cut scenes of some kind of videos, effects, animations, it is quite enough. It’s comfortable enough. And to be honest, I have no idea what is wrong with it and what needs to be improved there.


I agree that it is definitely a tool that could use some improvements (along with the Material Editor and Particle Editor) I’m sure its just a matter of patience, or dipping into the source code to improve it … or work around its limitations for now.

You reference Unreal Engine’s case: keep in mind the Sequencer tool didn’t replace the Matinee tool (a clunky cinematic tool) until about half way through that engine’s current lifetime … And it has been updated incrementally since then for years, so even in that case it was a slow process of patience to get to the polished result you were testing.

Keeping Trackview available in LY is the right decision in my opinion, as it provides acceptable results until a replacement has been fully tested (and previewed for a couple of releases). But i agree with you that an improved tool would be a huge gain for LY, and i hope it isn’t too far away.

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HI, this is a great point. I’ve poked our dev team to see if this is on the list of things planned for future Lumberyard development.