Issue creating new level terrain

I’m new to lumberyard and game development. I followed the beginner guide videos on the lumberyard website.

As in guide video, on creating new level there’s no terrain settings appears. so its a blank level. After some googling I found it under Game -> Terrain-> Generate Terrain, but after creating it there’s no terrain in perceptive window.

is there any other settings to deal with?
I’m using 1.24.1 version of lumberyard

Hi there @Jawad_Ahmad as far as I see you can either restart your editor, and that seems to fix it once in a while, or if you create a new level, (you do not have to add terrain to it) and reopen your level you added the terrain to it should generate your terrain and be in your level for you. Best of luck :+1:

@WashedUpStudios I tried it but didnt work.

Doing more experimenting, and I found the solution.

so Go to Level Inspector -> Add Component -> Terrain -> Legacy Terrain

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Ok, I have never done this before. But I guess it does seem like the most reasonable thing you would have to do to get the terrain to show up.

Hi! Sorry for the super delayed response. Yes, we changed the terrain system to use the component system. If you want to add terrain to a level, you can do it exactly the way you mentioned. Go to the level inspector and add the Legacy Terrain component. We’ve changed the default to automatically add that to a new level to make it even easier moving forward.

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