Issue with Asset Processer

Trying to add a new asset type like File Tag Asset called FallenCharacterProgressionStatsAsset
the code is
using CharacterProgressionStatsMap = AZStd::map<AZStd::string, AZStd::string>;
class FallenCharacterProgressionStatsAsset : public AZ::Data::AssetData
AZ_CLASS_ALLOCATOR(FallenCharacterProgressionStatsAsset, AZ::SystemAllocator, 0);
AZ_RTTI(FallenCharacterProgressionStatsAsset, "{6E18F155-696E-4D44-9FD3-D4043E45EDAF}", AZ::Data::AssetData);
static void Refect(AZ::ReflectContext* context); static const char* GetDisplayName();
static const char* GetGroup(); static const char* Extension();
CharacterProgressionStatsMap StatMap;
When the asset processor runs I get this error:
An error occurred while loading gems.
This can happen when new gems are added to a project, but those gems need to be built in order to function.
This can also happen when switching to a different project, one which uses gems which are not yet built.
To continue, please build the current project before attempting to run Asset Processor again.

Full error text:
This class type AssetData could not be registered with duplicated Uuid: {AF3F7D32-1536-422A-89F3-A11E1F5B5A9C}.

Hi @ravenboilinux,

Since making this C++ code change, did you reconfigure and recompile? If not, I recommend running “lmbr_waf.bat configure” from your dev/ directory, then compiling again.

If that doesn’t help, can you search through your solution for “{AF3F7D32-1536-422A-89F3-A11E1F5B5A9C}” and see if more than one result comes up? The last line of the error is claiming that there are two different object types registered with that UUID. If you find anything in your search other than one single instance of that UUID (associated with the AssetData type), you should change the non-AssetData one to a different UUID.

I see that you have selected a different UUID for your FallenCharacterProgressionStatsAsset type, but maybe there’s another duplicate hidden somewhere in the solution.

I’m an engineer on the Asset Pipeline team, so if neither of those suggestions help, please let me know!