Issue with Character Physics Capsule component

I hope this is the right place for this.

I have an issue where I’m trying to create a player controller through script canvas and it works fo the most part but now it seems like I don’t get proper collision.

(Here is what is looks like)

My question is mainly how I create normal character collision just like in the sample game?

I’ve tried so many things. I copied the character physics set up from the example game, primitive colliders, and even making a new character for a default primitive shape. My only conclusion is that it’s a bug within the physics system but I know that shouldn’t be the case. From the looks of things it looks like other people are having this issue as well. Hopefully someone can answer this question.

I think only Add Impulse can handle collisions. but you are trying to set entity’s world position directly, it’s override phys calculations

Hi @EstevanLopez, I’d like to add to the other answers that usually with the character physics component we use the SetVelocity/RequestVelocity method instead of applying impulses. If you look at how the StarterGame Jack character is moved, it uses this method but in Lua instead of Script Canvas.

Hope that helps, cheers!

Hello Estevan,
Could you upload images of your script canvas and the character physics component’s settings if you can?
Here are my character’s. (Please ignore unused variables in Script Canvas.) I hope this helps.

Sure! Here you go. Thanks for looking at it :slight_smile:

it’s very helpful, thank you. I have yet to dive into Lua but I’ll get there :slight_smile:

I agree with fluffy. Please try to use Add Impulse node in Script Canvas. Here is a simple example. (The values on Multiply nodes may be bigger if your character is heavy.)

Thank you so much for this example!

OMG this make sense, thank you, thank you! :]