Issues with starter game cinematics.

During in editor track view playback within the sequence camera view I cannot hear any audio and it is not evident how the cinematic integrates with the narration(both intro and ending).It turned out that the sound has been prebaked and triggered from script.This way of doing totally lack of flexibility as you cannot change any timing in the sequence.

Also tryed to enable physic/ai in the hope to hear the sound with no luck and then discovered it still has problem with starter game(it crashed as soon as I disabled it again).

Another issue with cinematics is that it is not very easy to grasp what entity forces the intro/cinematic to play at level start.Something like that needs to be 100% obvious even for the first timer.It is in UiScreensSlice/UiStartScreen why not simply LevelStart in the root of the level?If I have to be even more critic something call uiStartScreen cannot contain anything more than ui or it have to be named differently…it also couples the starting logic to the ui and to the intro while you need to be able to start a game with no ui and/or no intro and both doesn’t have to know about the other or all the extensive use of messaging doesn’t make any sense at all.

Editing any complex sequence suffers for track view pollution with an overwelming number of entities in the view at any time with no evident clue on how to effectively organize the workspace around the tracks of interest as the sample doesn’t use any track view folder at all.I’m confident that the new iteration of the animation tool will offer a less cluttered experience and the new update of the starter game will employ some kind of strategy to better manage complexity.

Sorry about the harsh feedback I’m confident that you don’t get me wrong.

I have to say I totally agree with this, could not say it better :slight_smile: The fact is, I still find it a good Starter Game, and hope (just like you) that this will be further developed into 'the’ perfect Starter Game Kit

Thanks for these persectives @Gamely and @OdiGames! I’ve added this to our feedback list.

And no apologies needed — all feedback is valuable to us and it better informs us for the paths to take in improving Lumberyard. Greatly appreciate all the thoughts.

Keep em coming :slight_smile: