It's exhausting to fight with the bugs of the Lumberyard. Please help )

Lumberyard - Bugs - and call for help

Hi everyone!

I’m very begginer in game developing.

In the Internet I read about engines and discovered the Lumberyard. It has, as big plus, a lot of additional services to integrate into so there is no need to create them and it will be easy to connect to them.

I talked with my friends about the Lumberyard but they said that it will be waste of time and recommended me to use the UnrealEngine instead.

But I didn’t gave up to the Lumberyard as I decided that the progressive engine from progressive company with a lot of add-ons is what indie developer (as well as major developer) needs and in the first place for saving of time.

So i started to look the guides and read the guides.

At first I thought that I don’t have enough skills to use it, but then I realized that this engine is just a collection of bugs.

After a couple of weeks of pure suffering I realized that there is very little information in the Internet about Lumberyard.
There are no games using it. No community. No useful guides.

Short lessons from developers of the engine don’t reveal many of nuances that newcomer discoveres.

I decide to make this video to show that the newcomer will have to deal with.

May be developers will answer and help or show my mistakes.
May be videos like mine are neccesary for newcomers so everyone who makes their first game doesn’t have the problems I have.

hi! Wow, I don’t know what ScriptCanvas has so many bugs.

It’s nice to know what i stick to darkside of matter and use c++ xd

I do not faced with those all bugs, because I’m in the very beggining.

Also I do not plaining use a lot ScriptCanvas in future prefer native c++

Actually, there exist one bug what I found. It’s “missing offset property” for CollisionShapes, because models may have various pivot from DDC-tools. so we have to made intenal-entity with same Mesh and adjust this offset with helps - internal- entity’s transformations (