It's so simple, it's gotta be!


I’m pulling my hair out today. I know this has to be a simple one (again) because no one is asking about it…I’ve gotta be missing something (that’s normal), but I can’t find what.

I simply want to take score on my game. When the ball rolls into a certain spot, get a certain amount of points. I figured out the trigger, I know how to change the ui to indicate the score, I know how to add, lol, but, to change the ui, I need a string, and I can’t convert the numbers I’m adding into a string…So what am I missing?

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I think you’re looking for the ‘build string’ node.

I don’t really know a lot about this stuff yet but this video may or may not help you its on a Similar subject. and there

Yeah! I knew it was easy! Thank you thank you thank you! lol :smiley: You’ve made my day my friend! I went through that tutorial before and it doesn’t cover this small detail. I also tried getting the sub level itself because I noticed it has a score and ammo, but I couldn’t get it to build, so you saved the day! :smiley:

@phil_blackwood I love it when the community helps eachother out :clap:t4:
I completely missed this post, and would’ve posted this.

Glad this got you sorted out @harry_gamble.
I’ll admit when I was recording the video I was looking for a bunch of different terms, and build string was not one of them. I had to click on String in the node palette to see what options were available. :sweat_smile:

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