Javascript as a Game client for a Gamelift Server

Hi, Does anyone have experience in making a game in Javascript with Amazon gamelift as the Gameserver?

If yes, i am not able to find the correct API documentation for Browser javascript which I can use to make calls(of some sort) to Gamelift gameserver to create new session or join a session?


GameLift offers its ‘Realtime’ product which is a packaged node server with all the configuration points ready for your scripts

This is probably the easiest place to start unless you want to write your own javascript server SDK and keep it up to date.

There are also some open source projects like which also could be useful

Thanks for the Reply. Let me rephrase slightly: My scenario is, If i have a gamelift server as a game server, what API or services it offers so a javascript client can connect to it. So the whole point is does Gamelift offer any Javascript APIs for Client to consume and do the casual Match Making, Session, Presence, broadcasting information to all clients etc.

Your Javascript clients should consume either the general AWS Javascript SDK parts required ( or call through a ‘client service’

Your clients should use the Javascript SDK as with any GameLift integrated client to trigger calls to

  • StartMatchmaking and handle getting the results to get game session details to join
  • Join the game session directly or call CreatePlayerSession etc.


For reference an overview of whats required is here: