Kickstarter/Rev-Share - Looking For members for lovecraftian horror game

The Shadow Of Rylah is a lovecraftian horror (Cosmic horror) Game Based in the countryside of England, the game is set in 1941 when you, a
detective are on the scene go and investigate what happened, but when you decide to look in the wardrobe but you accidentally shut yourself in, transporting you… somewhere unknown… From there? Who knows.


TSOR Is a horror game, the game will take inspiration from the books of H.P. Lovecraft And Games such as P.T, Silent Hill.

Heres a list of gameplay features:

  • Sanity Meter, the sanity meter Is Essential to survive, if you lose your sanity, you will experience frightening hallucinations, and if not treated and your character hasn’t calmed down, you will die.

    You can calm down by standing in an area of light, or you can more slowly by waiting over time (more options will be added to calm insanity)

  • AI: The Enemies are essential for this game, Especially In wherever you are! Faceless people will stalk your every move, as well as normal people… or at least you think from a distance.
    There are many more features, but that would take up our whole page!

We Are Looking For:

Amazon Lumberyard Programmers - 3D Artists

If interested email us at

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