Land of Echoes - a turn based post-apocalyptic survival game on Indiegogo

Land of Echoes - a turn based post-apocalyptic survival game for PC

  • realistic survival system where each step is relevant;

  • changing weather conditions, food poisoning, diseases, radiation, injuries, pain, bleeding, physical condition, morale etc.

  • create camps to rest, cook food, craft items or medicine;

  • many fellow survivors to talk, trade or fight with;

  • huge amount of different items and gadgets with own stats and values (Clothing, Vehicle parts, Food, Drinks, Medicine, Tools, Bags, Armor, Weapons with attachments and many more);

  • vehicle with fuel and oil consumption. Spare parts and tools are needed to repair.

  • detailed, realistic map and moody locations;
    …and of course

  • No monsters, no zombies, no last boss etc.!

  • No magic, no paranormal events!
    sorry :wink:


For full information and game video check out our indiegogo campaign:

Comments, thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated - every little bit of support matters.

Oh my god, the styling of this game looks amazing!!!

It’s awesome how much effort you spent in all the nice little details to spice up your UI’s and the whole styling of that game.

I’m in love with this already :slight_smile:

when could we expect something playable like a demo?

…hi, blackcloud! Thanks for checking it out. I’m really glad You liked it :wink: Release is planned spring 2017. It’s a struggle with time and resources now as this is a hobby project so I guess I’m not going to make a demo version but go straight to the final product. I’ll try to post progress report once in a while on Facebook, so if You like you can follow it here: If You have any questions please feel free and drop me a note and I’ll gladly reply… have a nice one :wink:

Nice @LOE_Developer,

Are those screenshots from the game running on Lumberyard? Either way, cool idea and good luck!

Hey, Petrocket! Nope, that’s on .NET - be sure to check out the video on indiegogo, I’m afraid it’s not the concept You’re expecting =) But thanks anyway :wink: