Latency (ping) increased in unreal engine exe or android version

the latency (ping) is incredibly increasing when I pack it to windows or android version, the latency can rich to 2000 ms. but in the ue4 editor, everything is fine, the latency is normally between 80 to 95 ms no more. I tried to check the destination of the packed version and the editor version and both are similar and ok. I run out of ideas & don’t know what could be the problem
what can be the problem and what’s its solution?

the image below is for the same pc but with two screens, and I played the packed version next to the editor version, the android version gets the same latency

thank you for helping


You could get the server ip from DescribeInstances or CreateGameSession and ping it independently outside of your game client, to attempt to isolate the issue and see if it’s actually the connectivity to EC2 or your client’s issue. However, since the latency is normal in the editor, my first guess is that there is something wrong with your client.

How are you measuring latency? (e.g. a standalone thread?) Did you write your custom solution to calculate latency or did you use a library? Could anything else in the thread block the latency measurement and therefore causing the long latency?