Launcher Crashing on Loading Project

3180-error.txt (2.75 KB)error.txtHi all, I’m a bit new to the Lumberyard Engine, and as such I was loading up a sample project, specifically the Beach City Asset Sample, to take a look at some example level design. However, anytime I launch the editor it crashes right as it gets to “Starting Game…”. I’ve gone into the Project Configurator and set the Beach City project as default, and I’ve configured the project with the lmbr_waf configure command. I have had problems with a few other samples as well, like the Multiplayer project example and the GameSDK project, but I have been able to open the SampleProject and all it’s subsequent levels just fine. I’m not sure if I derped something up or not, but any feedback would be appreciated.

To clarify, the projects that are not working simply crash. The Windows 10 “Editor has stopped working” screen pops up and I can either Debug it in Visual Studio or close it.

EDIT-I found the logs and it seems it is some sort of memory error. It says it can’t access a specific virtual memory address, despite my running it as an Administrator.

@Blinky I tried that, however, it is still crashing. I tried to create a brand new project, but this is also crashing. It’s not even leaving an “error.log” file for the new project. The log says something about not being able to load the “ProjectName.dll” file. Here’s the log file for the brand new project I made.3213-editor.txt (56.8 KB)editor.txt

Hey @Acejhm, I noticed in the error log that your directory is listed as:

H:\Programming\IDE's and Engines\Lumberyard\\dev\Bin64\Editor.exe

Can you try a folder/path without the " ’ "? We’ve seen some weird issues with non-english characters causing issues and errors. Let me know it that helps or not.

I’m not sure what fixed it, but I re-installed all 50 some odd Gigs of the engine and subsequent dev kits and now it seems to be working. No idea what was wrong, as it’s installed to the same file path.

Don’t you hate it when that happens… We are glad you got everything running! Hit us up if you have any questions, comments, or feedback. It’s what helps us make a better product for everyone!